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What The Heck Does HCG Stand For?!

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 13, 2018
Dream Spa Medical - Jenny Bettencourt, Office Manager, HCG Coach

I, myself, asked this question so I completely understand the confusion surrounding this seemingly mysterious acronym. I definitely had a hearty chuckle at my own expense when I received my answer. Human Chorionic Gonadtropin...that’s a mouthful and, also, what is that? You’re probably well ahead of me at this point and you know exactly where I’m going with this. Although I was in my 40’s, thought I knew a lot about my body and I’d given birth twice, I somehow managed to avoid learning a single thing about HCG. Ok, I know the suspense is killing you! HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta after implantation. What is interesting is that it has been discovered is that this hormone can be very successful in helping your body retain muscle mass while losing weight quickly with the diet portion of the HCG program. We absolutely love seeing these astonishing transformations at Dream Spa Medical. Personally, I love getting to know people and getting to root if why you are where you are. My goal is to help you lose weight but, more importantly, to focus on your happiness. If you’re happy, all the people you love will benefit! We are just scratching the surface here! I wanted to introduce you all to each piece of this diet program slowly so that as you move through this HCG blog you do not feel overwhelmed. You will learn without even trying. Your homework this week is to pay attention to all of the different emotions you have when you see, eat or think about different foods and beverages. This is important because exploring your relationship with food is the first step!

Wishing you a week of stellar self-awareness! - Jenny

P.S. If you have any questions you’d like me to address shoot us an email on our website with the subject line “HCG Blog”

Why Should I?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 12, 2018
Dream Spa Medical - Jenny Bettencourt, Office Manager, HCG Coach

It’s a valid question for sure! At this point in our journey together you have released your guilt and also learned about this fascinating hormone called HCG that can help you toward your weight loss goals. Of course, though, you are already bored by the idea that you are going to read about yet another diet full of rules and regulations. I hear you loud and clear! The endless diet fads drive me crazy as well. Although this program is extraordinarily structured, it is done so with your goals and happiness in mind.

As opposed to having a piece of paper, a book, a website or an app to guide you and leave you scratching your head every time you hit a roadblock, you have a real live person! The way that the program is designed and has been researched and proven over the years gives you the confidence you need in the information that is guiding you but, by far, the absolute best part of this program is having a Coach/BFF that you see every week to celebrate your wins, guide you through hard times and keep you focused on your weight loss goals and why you made them in the first place. Your HCG coach will answer your questions in a way that relates to you and your life specifically because she knows YOU. You aren’t just another customer, you are a very special and unique individual who will have your own set of vices, circumstances and overall goals for your body and your life.

So...Why Should You?? Because we listen to you, we care about you and we want you to be happy. Your weight loss will just be a sweet bonus!

Wishing you a week of appreciation for anyone who shows you love and support!


Self-Forgiveness & Weight Loss

Diana Brouillard - Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Although forgiveness is most commonly linked to our relationships with others, I find that self-forgiveness has the greatest impact on how we live our lives and whether or not we are able to make long-lasting positive changes. If you grew up in family like mine, you may have a deeply ingrained sense of guilt attached to choices you make or have made that are “bad” decisions. I certainly struggle with this! I can tell you that your choices were the right ones for that moment in time and if you are reading this, you have learned from what you deem to be your mistakes. In all likelihood, you are stronger, braver and certainly much smarter because of all of the challenges you’ve faced.

Learning the very valuable skill of forgiving yourself will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals but it will help you live a more balanced, fulfilling and overall happier life. Forgiveness is acceptance of your humanness. We all ebb and flow and make missteps and being able to let go of your attachment to “right” or “wrong” behaviors will give way to a clearer path for you.

HCG is a wonderful way of creating this fresh start for our clients. We all love that feeling of a new beginning that is full of hope. Generally, when you begin these new chapters in your life, you are going it alone. That is what makes our program so successful. You have me to coach you through your journey! Throughout these blog posts I will be explaining the concept of the HCG program and the details of how the program is laid out. For now, your homework for the next week is to assess where you are in your life and pick one thing each day to forgive yourself for. Believe me, it gets addicting! You have my full permission to let go of ALL the guilt. You don’t need it and it is not helping you!

Wishing you a beautiful week of self-love

– Jenny Bettencourt, Office Manager, HCG Coach


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