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Patient Stories - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with the service I received today. There was a survey in my email just now which I quickly completed with a glowing review. Unfortunately, when I tried to submit it, it was rejected. The explanation was that I had already submitted a survey once before, apparently in the spring, when I last visited the spa. I am disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to sing your praises…again! See you in the fall. Thank you. - Kathy

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started my hair removal treatments, but I really like Dream Spa Medical. And Jamie is great - she explains everything that happens and clearly answers all questions. I recommend Dream Spa to all of my friends!" - Nicki K.

Dream Spa Medical has done a great job with several procedures including fillers for my lips, marionette and smile lines. I have also had a 3 series of microneedling treatments which took 5 years off my face. I also did hydraglow facials and for the first time I have seen noticeable reduction of pores and black heads around my nose. To top it off I get ongoing botox around the eyes, frow lines, and forehead and the procedure is very fast and mostly pain free. You would think by all this I would like a fake, plastic Hollywood doll but I assure you I look quite normal and they do a good job. In fact I get many compliments on how young I look, I'm almost 33 and get carded and asked what college I go to often. I consider all this preventetive aging and it's working in a big way. I'm happy this place has helped me reach many of my facial aesthetic goals. To top it off, the place is clean, pretty and provides nice refreshments. I never have to wait too long to be seen and they are on top of everything scheduling wise. Kudos guys..." - Jen W.

A word from our patient about The HCG Program...

I will admit that the first week of HCG was a bit of a challenge because I had to make some changes that I was not used to. However, I was not alone. Kristin is a nutritionist and weight-loss expert at Dream Spa Medical who helped me find healthy alternatives for my diet, reduce my cravings, and learn great recipes!

Once I saw the weight coming off and felt my energy increase; my clothes fit better, I was more confident, and I felt overall happier from the inside- out! HCG was the best thing I could have done for myself. I not only lost 10 pounds, but also a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits. HCG is an incredible program for rapid weight loss, with lasting benefits to keep the weight off. I would encourage anyone to follow the HCG diet, it will change your life just as it did mine! The kickstart I needed to a healthy life!

- Jaime (ps: I don't go to the gym)

HCG Success Story of Jaime

A word from our patient about The HCG Program...

I didn't think I need to loose that much. I wanted to get rid of about 10 pounds. I was also nervous about a lot of things like...

How much could I have a glass of wine or drink on the weekends for a whole month? how am I going to live without bread? Or sweets? After all, I was 54 years old. I started doing the program and started loosing weight immediately. Of course you have to stick to the program, but the reward is PHENOMENAL!

I ended up doing it for 3 months during which I had to travel a lot. I had a glass of champagne for Mother's Day but mostly did what I was told to do. The support emails that included recipes for new allowable dishes helped a lot. I was never judged, but helped by the knowledgeable staff at Dream Spa Medical.

I lost 30 pounds!!! OF FAT! And preserved my muscle tissue. So I didn't start to look old, I actually look and feel great. I get a lot of compliments and the best part...

I fit into those jeans you don't want to throw away even though you couldn't squeeze yourself into them for the past 3 years! If I knew before I started what I know now, I would have no hesitation and do it in a heart beat!

A word from our patient about the liquid nose job treatment...

I love my new nose! I have a “typical Asian nose” that has no bridge. After only a few sessions with filler, I have maintained the bridge of my nose for almost 2 years!

Wei Tseng

What our Yelp Users are saying about us...

This morning while putting on my make up, something AMAZING happened! Starting with my concealer, I found that I had absolutely NOTHING to conceal! I never thought I'd see this day! The hugest thank you to Julia Baranova-Faktorovich and everyone at Dream Spa Medical! I couldn't be happier!! You all are amazing!

Yelp U.

Went in for a consultation and ended up getting the services done right after. Lori was very knowledgable and answered all of my questions. She even gave me a quick hydrofacial on part of my face to show what it could do for my skin. Highly recommend!

Megham W.

Just moved to Boston from Louisiana and was looking for a place that did Botox. I came across Dream Spa Medical and made an apt, this place is absolutely AMAZING!!! Lori did my forehead and my lips, I was so excited with the results, she is AWESOME!!! Love this place and would defiantly recommend it!!!!

Emily A.

My skin is glowing! I have been seeing Sloan for facials for the past 6 months and people are complimenting me often on how refreshed I look. These are real pros when it comes to skin care. Sloan and the rest of the staff is knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. Sloan listened to my concerns then explained the appropriate treatment options for me and she answered all 100 of my questions. I am a big fan of their Oxygen Facial, which leaves my skin instantly healthier and radiant following the treatment. The spa is clean, relaxing and very welcoming. I have referred a few friends to the spa and they are all very happy I did. I would recommend you make an appointment as soon as possible before the secret is out!

BSkye A.

Purchased a groupon and was pleasantly surprised this gem is nestled in Brookline. I was wondering why there were no reviews, but then come to find out they just recently opened at the end of July. My experience prompted me to write their first! The ambiance was instantly relaxing. The staff were friendly and were informative about all things considering my skin care- even how I can tweak my current at home regimen. Very client centered. I purchased the 4-layer facial which features a gentle enzymatic exfoliant that had my skin glowing. I'll definitely be booking another appointment very soon. They also offer Botox, fillers, waxing, slimming body wraps, and laser all competitively priced. Check out their pampering menu of goodies! I can't wait to go back!!

Zosha G.

Went to see Julia for a facial on a friend's recommendation. Amazing from start to finish. The front desk is very polite, professional and friendly. My facial experience was truly exceptional. First of all, Julia took a long time talking to me about my skin, needs, things to avoid, types of care. Not a single time during this consultation did she push any product on me. She then suggested a type of facial and asked me my time availability. She really took the time, my fadial lasted 1,5 hrs not including the 30 min consultation. My face felt hugely rejuvenated, not overly 'worked on' and was glowing. Julia then discounted my treatment because they were running a Groupon deal, even though I didn't know about it. Overall, professional, affordable, pleasant and in a great location. Highly recommend!

Maria L.

I had always been nervous about getting botox but went to see Kristin two weeks ago. My colleague had raved about her so I booked an appointment and am so happy that I did! Kristin was extremely professional and listened to all of my concerns before sharing her recommended treatment plan. She perfectly delivered the natural, refreshed look I wanted and I definitely will be back. Thank you Kristin!

Ruta K.

I recently got xeomin from Lindsay. She said my Botox was still effective so I just needed a little. I've got the smoothest forehead in town.

Kelly F.

I had spider veins and brown spots removed by Kelly, who was very professional and knowledgeable about the procedures. She explained everything in detail so that I felt extremely comfortable about having these procedures done. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. For one of the procedures, I used a Groupon.

Judi S.

I had a airbrush tan done here at Dream Spa the day before my vacation. The price was so affordable.. I felt 10 lbs skinnier.. and like a million bucks on my trip. My tan looked so natural and not too dark seeing it was mid winter.. it gave me a not so "pastey" feeling. I was so comfortable during the tan process.. If you want to feel great about yourself.. absolutely get an airbrush tan here. I have had them done before at other salons.. and left feeling "sticky" and "smelly" (lol).. The product they used was amazing!

Stacey M.

A word from our patient about The DermaGlow Facial...

This morning while putting on my make up, something AMAZING happened! Starting with my concealer, I found that I had absolutely NOTHING to conceal! I never thought I'd see this day! The hugest thank you to Julia Baranova-Faktorovich and everyone at Dream Spa Medical! I couldn't be happier!! You all are amazing!

Tracey D

I am a traditional facial kind of girl…steam, extractions, masque and I’m good. But, after turning 30, I started noticing that my skin just isn’t as bright as it used to be. Julia suggested that I try a DermaGlow facial to address my concerns. The DermaGlow facial has two steps—a laser treatment and then the HydraFacial machine. The laser breaks up everything that dulls my face and Julia told me that it helps stimulate collagen (great for looking younger!) I thought that I would feel a laser beam all over my face but the headpiece was small and the laser was fired in short bursts so I didn’t feel a thing!

After Julia treated my face with the laser, she used the HydraFacial machine to cleanse my skin. The serums in the HydraFacial have tons of antioxidants to soothe the skin. My skin felt so clean and refreshed afterwards and my face glowed. Julia told me that if I have a DermaGlow facial on a regular basis, I’ll keep seeing good results so I’ll be back again!

Mary K

A word from our patient about the Hydra Facial...

I would consider the Hydrafacial as my 'Dream' facial— I feel that I could speak for everyone when I say that this is exactly what the skin needs. Said in very non-technical terms and lacking detail: imagine a large machine with an attached suction cup—the small suction goes across the skin and extracts dirt out of all the pores. Following this, nutrients are infused into the skin which hydrates the skin. The skin is physically cleaned from the INSIDE- out. Life is so busy we often forget that our skin is constantly exposed to dirt and toxins in the air; smoke, pollen, dust etc... for days, weeks, months and years. Is this not a horrifying thought? I was able to see the "water" that came from my pores after my Hydrafacial procedure – Since this day, I vow to take care of my skin (the largest organ in my body) and receive a Hydrafacial once a month. This procedure was invented for a reason and I thank Dream Spa Medical for their service. Thank you for the wakeup call!

I learned that it is not about the lavender scented lotions and shoulder rubs. It is about my skin, and I will have this skin for the rest of my life! You ladies are the best!

Alice B.

A word from our patient about Botox...

I could not be happier with the results of my botox treatment at Dream Spa Medical. At 26 years old, I always hear that I am “too young for botox” however I feel that this just a misconception of what botox actually is and what it does! I furrow my forehead/eyebrows CONSTANTLY!
When I catch myself, I try to correct it but within seconds I forget and my 11’s are back! At this rate, in 10 years from now I will probably have 11’s as deep as the Grand Canyon! With botox treatment, I am physically unable to make my 11’s appear which in turn will help prevent deep wrinkles in the future and the need for more pricey injections of fillers to correct the wrinkles that I have caused by years of furrowing my forehead! With a little preventative botox, I’m saving myself more money and procedures years down the line!
Thanks Dream Spa Medical, you will definitely be seeing me again!

Tracey D

I never thought the day would be here that I would have to worry about wrinkles on my face. I am 37 years old and take very good care of my skin. I constantly stared in the mirror at the folds in my forehead. I feel so young.. yet the folds made me feel so old. I was constantly staring at myself in the mirror thinking.. "I am way to young to look older".
I knew from friends that Botox was an option for the folds. I put off doing anything about it until Dream Spa Medical was established. It is close to my office which gave me the push to take advantage of a free consultation.
The worries I had before my consultation were.
A. Would a licensed professional be injecting the Botox into my skin
B. How painful would it be.
C. Could I afford this "luxury" procedure.
After my consult at Dream Spa Medical I immediately booked my Botox procedure. I cannot put into the appropriate words how happy I am.. and how amazing such a small, non surgical procedure could change how I feel about myself.
The procedure was so easy, so painless, so quick and so affordable. Within 3 days I felt 10 years younger.
My family and friends that knew I was having the procedure done are amazed by the results. The best part for me is that it looks and feels so natural. No one will be able to look at me and say.. "Wow she just had Botox". They will just wonder what my secret is to looking so young.

Stacey M

This place is amazing!! I had never thought about getting botox or fillers until my early thirties when I started to see some changes in my face. When I found out an office was opening the next town over from where I live and better yet above my dental office I decided to check it out. Of course I did my research first and found that the staff is hand picked by a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience. When I walked into the office the staff was very friendly and I was offered cucumber water which is fabulous!! I first saw Julia for a Hydrafacial who gave me a very detailed analysis of my skin which was greatly appreciated since I have not had this done prior at any facial. The facial really improved my skin and it had never felt better it was glowing! After the facial I saw Jean for botox. I was initially nervous about looking fake or un-natural since I had never had it done. She told me areas she would recommend and assured me I did not need much. I felt much better that she was honest and it was clear she was very knowledgeable at what she does which put me at ease. I was surprised at how painless the procedure was and there is no down time or healing involved. I could not be happier with the outcome and I have told friends and family about my experience. I highly recommend this place!

Nicole B

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