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A Letter from our Spa Director, Boston MA

11 October 2017 Bookmark and Share

I've been an Aesthetician for nearly two decades. During that time there have been unbelievable advances in technology to correct almost any cosmetic concern. However, few devices or innovations compare to the skincare contribution of Dr. Des Fernandes. The entire team at Dream Spa Medical recently attended a luncheon in his honor, hosted by DermaConcepts, the distributors of his Environ Skin Care line.

Dr. Des, as his followers fondly refer to him, created Environ to promote the health and vitality of skin. He believes that if you have a healthy environment your skin can self-heal and recover from any damage, such as signs of premature aging caused by free radicals and sun exposure. Even acne and scar tissue can regenerate with a little assistance and the right home care.

To that end he has generated over 30 years of research and clinical tests based on the use of Vitamin A. He has also generated some of the most comprehensive photo documentation of the effects. In some cases, working with the same subject for the entirety of his trials, resulting in patients that look younger in their 60's compared to their 30's. Who doesn't want that?

We, at Dream Spa Medical, have long been fans of Vitamin A, or retinoids. Next to sunscreen there is no better product for the skin. It stimulates cellular turnover and generates the production of new cells. That turnover detracts from surface imperfections and creates a heartier skin, which is ideal in New England climates.

While it's nice to get a refresher on what we already know, it's even better to be reminded of your our main mission. Let's create healthy and happy skin. Book your complimentary consultation so we can share our knowledge and provide you with the tools you need to achieve this. We can always talk about corrective therapies and luxury treatments later… the holidays are right around the corner!

Look fresh and feel your best with Dream Spa Medical.

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