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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy While Indoor Social Distancing

Friday, March 13, 2020

Social distancing is having a dramatic effect on everybody’s psyche. It’s having an effect on our skin as well. Although spending more time indoors might have the positive effect of reducing sun exposure, the radical shift in our routine, activity and diet is negatively impacting our skin. Without proper skincare, this could lead to facial breakouts, skin blemishes and escalates skin aging process.

Here are some tips you can apply during these trying days of “social distancing”:

Manage Stress

This is indeed a stressful time for everyone. It is not just the virus that makes us feeling worried, but also the mounting socio-economic impact we are experiencing right now while we try to contain the virus. More so, those people who have been isolated could most likely feel anxious and depressed with what is befalling us today. Too much stress could manifest through our skin. It can cause premature aging and undesirable skin reactions. Your skin care practice should begin with keeping your mental health in check.

Have a Healthy Diet

With coronavirus panic clearing out groceries stores and closing restaurants, it can be a challenge to whip a decent meal and maintain a balanced diet. But keep in mind that this is the excellent way to keep your skin healthy. As much as possible go for healthy food options such as green vegetables, fruit berries, nuts and fatty fishes.

Stay Hydrated

Drink 8-ounce glasses of water every day. This could help make your skin softer and more supple.

This is also a great way to prevent zits and acne.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

People will likely hoard bottles of liquor so they have something to enjoy while stuck at home. Avoid alcohol beverages or drink moderately because they can instantly cause breakouts and aging acceleration.

Stay Active

Since you are stuck at home and most gyms are probably close, people tend to slack on their workouts. But do your best to defy the temptation to slack and skip your daily fitness routine. Exercising helps maintain good blood and oxygen flow to the face resulting to a glowing skin and an improved texture.

Have Enough Nighttime Sleep

We all know that sleep is an essential part of skin care. This is when the body switches to regenerative and constructive state. Collagen production also happens during this time. So get enough rest at least 7 hours every night for the benefit of your skin.

Avoid Touching The Face

Face-touching might be a difficult habit to break but we really should avoid it since it's the major way to pick up the virus. Besides that, it can scatter oil and dirt plus bacteria which can clog pores.

Use A Face Mask

Whether you stock on various facial sheet masks or you whip up your own using the available ingredients from the kitchen, apply your face mask at least 3 times a week. Not only it will help improve your skin, it is also relaxing.

For more skincare tips, contact Dream Spa Medical.

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