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Laser Hair Removal: A Safe Path to Smoother Skin

30 July 2020 Bookmark and Share

Dream Spa Medical, Laser Hair Removal - Boston, Canton, MA

Ladies, you’ve thought about it, the joy of storing your razor and enjoying no more shaving! Maybe you’ve tried the traditional methods of removing hair that is waxing, shaving, plucking and threading. For various reasons you didn’t stay with them. Well get ready to learn about laser hair removal with Gentle MaxPro Laser and how this just may be the hair removal process that you’ll choose to stay with, forever!

MaxPro laser treatment delivers a smoother skin and painlessly removes unwanted hair. It is a convenient, effective, yet affordable way to become hair free. It permanently removes undesired hair. You will enjoy a safe, pain-free experience no matter what your skin tone or hair type with the latest in hair technology.

With modern Laser hair removal via the MaxPro Laser, you’ll be using the current treatment of choice for removing unwanted hair. The Gentle MaxPro Laser is incorporates a dual wavelength laser method that combines a fast and powerful Alexandrite laser with an equally powerful Nd:YAG laser for high superior treatment capabilities. In terms of speed, safety, effectiveness, user friendly, and patient satisfaction, nothing beats it.

Patients are extremely happy with the outcome. The typical patient is treated for several months at one-month intervals. Occasionally there are some areas that tend to respond more quickly however other areas may be more challenging requiring more than the average number of treatments. With that said, most patients are highly satisfied after just one treatment of Gentle MaxPro Laser. Enjoy smooth skin!

For more tips on laser hair removal, contact Dream Spa Medical.

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