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My Friend Brittany: Before and After Acne Treatment

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

By: Mary Kelley

Meet my friend, Brittney. She and I met at aesthetics school. Brittney and I have many things in common, including struggling with acne.

While my acne has been under control for a few years now, Brittney has been looking for the right combination of home care products and treatments. Once I was hired at Dream Spa Medical, I knew that I had the right resources available to help Brittney. We offer chemical peels, facials, laser treatments, and excellent home care products.

Together, Brittney and I are working to clear up her acne. Brittney’s skin is clearing up but she is still developing new lesions and has post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from the lesions that are clearing up. PIH refers to the dark spots left behind after acne.

Once Dream Spa Medical started carrying the VI Peel, I knew I had found a solution that would combat my friend’s existing acne and address her PIH at the same time. The VI Peel is a next generation, medium depth peel. It delivers maximum results with very little discomfort due to an advanced blend of acids and a numbing agent.

I explained the aftercare process to Brittney and went over the homecare treatment plan that comes with each VI Peel. Due to the strength of the peel, Brittney would certainly experience a physical peel for 3-6 days and I wanted to make sure she knew what to do at home.

We checked in every day and after a week the results were nothing short of amazing.

Brittney’s active lesions have cleared up and her pigment has been drastically reduced. We are continuing to work on a treatment plan to make sure that her skin stays healthy and clear.

I am incorporating VI Peels into my clients’ acne treatment plans because of the amazing results that I have seen with Brittney’s skin.


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