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Relieve Post-Holiday Stress with NuCalm

27 December 2019 Bookmark and Share

Dream Spa Medical, Boston, Brookline, Canton, MA

The holidays were certainly fun and exciting. However, it is also a fact that the dizzying array of Holiday demands (shopping, cooking, cleaning, parties and entertaining) takes its toll. Many find it hard to catch a good night’s sleep after this stressful period. If you are looking for a different experience to de-stress and improve your nightly sleep, look no further than Dream Spa Medical's NuCalm.

NuCalm is revolutionizing the patient experience by naturally relaxing the body within minutes - providing a unique and comfortable visit for every patient. NuCalm scientifically sequences four relaxation therapies to mimic your body's own process for "winding down" and preparing to rest. Many describe the experience as that of accomplishing a great achievement and the restful relaxation and reward that comes with it.

According to a Harvard Medical study, a 45-minute exposure to NuCalm is equivalent to more than two hours of deep restorative sleep. In addition to waking up and feeling more refreshed, our patients have reported to have had a much easier time falling asleep later that night and getting a much better night's rest. So when you want to treat yourself and enjoy truly deep relaxation, contact Dream Spa Medical. Get to know NuCalm treatment today!

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