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Facials Vs. DREAM SPA MEDICAL Facials

Joseph Coupal - Monday, July 15, 2013

Before going to Dream Spa Medical and NOT getting the HydraFacial- I would go to a common place that is known for facials (I won’t write the name on here). It was very relaxing and soothing, I would get a nice massage and music would play in the background. However, let’s take a step back for a second and think about why I went there from the start. I would leave there feeling so relaxed but being relaxed doesn't solve the initial problem that I needed help with: My acne. What I learned after a few of these experiences was that the hour of relaxation and Zen, not only did not clear up my acne but made it worse. Once I was at that point, I did not trust facials at all. I was convinced that they only made me break out (Having wasted hundreds of dollars on useless facials that gave me relaxation).

Dream Spa Medical, gives the spa treatment as an ADDITION to the actual procedure. What I learned is that these skilled aestheticians aren’t just doing what they are supposed to do- but more. They care about YOUR skin and what your skin needs in order to fix YOUR problem. They don’t just go through the routines of their job, but do things that will benefit YOU. You will leave feeling relaxed AND helped. The money I am spending on the HydrFacials I receive, IS WORTH IT. I am confidently getting the procedure done, in order to relax and clear up my skin. If it works, and I’m actually being helped money is not wasted. With confidence I strongly believe that if it weren’t for Dream Spa Medical and the amazing HydraFacial, my skin would not look the way it does today. I would be hopeless without this procedure, I trust Dream Spa Medical completely. Thank you !


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