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Monday, December 31, 2018

Well, ladies, it’s that time of year! It is time to take stock of 2018 and prepare yourself to enter 2019 with a clear mind and a full heart. I am not so much interested in what you did right or wrong in 2018 but I am very interested in what you learned. Maybe it was a difficult year and you learned that you are stronger than you thought or maybe 2018 was marvelous and you learned that spending time with your friends makes you a better person. Or maybe, 2018 was completely uneventful and unmemorable and you learned that if you want a memorable year/life you need to be proactive and make great memories for yourself!

Personally, I learned that I am not my mistakes and that I am not the product of other people’s judgment or assessment of me. I also learned that (more than anything) freedom is what we all desire. Of course, I’m still working on applying all that acquired knowledge but my view of myself and the world is slowly changing. I also learned a very valuable lesson which is that happiness is not a static state. This constant search for happiness as a permanent place is just a recipe for (ironically) unhappiness. You can have a happy life and you can feel grateful for everything and everyone you have, but also have bad days, weeks or months. Suffering is inevitable (and, thankfully, it is temporary for most people) but how you respond to these moments is what will determine your overall contentment with life. The ability to let things roll off your back is a freedom like no other!

Freedom means different things to different people. Freedom can mean getting out of a relationship you feel trapped in or it can mean being in a relationship that allows you the freedom to be yourself. It can also mean not being in a relationship at all if you are the kind of person who feels happier on your own and untethered. Freedom to me is the feeling of being unencumbered by the judgement of others. As most people know, there is this strange stigma attached to elective, cosmetic treatments. That is the exact judgment from others that needs not concern you. Dream Spa Medical puts a lot of effort into, not only empowering women to do what they want, but informing them regarding skincare and all of our treatments. We don’t want you to make decisions blindly. We want you to be informed and to be able to understand our treatments so that you can choose what is best for YOU. Many of our treatments provide a level of freedom from daily upkeep that is absolutely thrilling for many of our clients! One less thing to do in the morning...I’ll take it!!! As for myself, the next frontier for me will be Laser Hair Removal and I cannot wait. Freedom from shaving everyday, freedom from buying those insanely expensive razors and freedom to go to the beach whenever I feel like it....freedom, freedom, freedom!

I would like for you to begin this new year with curiosity. Curiosity about yourself and the world around you is what will bring you joy. If each and every one of your experiences exists to teach you something about yourself, your family and your community etc., you will begin to welcome the full scope of feelings and circumstances that come your way. Each of these (good or bad) will serve a greater purpose which is to help you grow. You will be free from the fear that something “bad” will happen. We want you to open your hearts and minds and allow 2019 to be your best year yet!

Wishing You a Week of Excitement About The Coming Year!!



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