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Heal Your Relationship With Food

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Your drive to lose weight is, most likely, a product of the result of your relationship with food and the outcome it has produced in your body and in your life. I, personally, analyze my familial relationships, my romantic relationships, my finances and my traumas with regards to almost every other aspect of my life. I am, not only cognizant, but hyper-aware of the cause/effect equation that continuously plays out in my life. I’ve been to therapy and read hundreds of books in an attempt tease out all of the correlations between my childhood, my past experiences and the resulting bad (and also good) decisions I have made as a result of the sum of all those parts. I did recognize recently, though, that I had never truly placed my relationship with food under a microscope. In an effort to better understand why I make the food choices I make and what I’m feeling when I make those choices (good or bad) I have recently started to look at my relationship with food in a more honest way.

The catalyst for this was my foray into the world of HCG coaching. As I spoke with my clients, I began to see a very clear pattern. They did not need a healthy fish recipe from me (although I do have a stellar one that I’ll share with you lol). They needed someone to encourage them to discover the root of their dysfunctional relationship with food and help them heal that relationship. For example, if you are capable of seeing food as a beautiful way to nourish your body and fuel you for the day as opposed to a “drug” that is used to mask hidden trauma that is too painful to face if it bubbles to the surface, you are finally free! Freedom always gives way to happiness.

My greatest joy in this journey has been the moment when one of my questions hits the spot and uncovers the key to that particular person’s attachment to unhealthy habits. We have such complex and storied lives so it is, not only difficult, but incredibly daunting to embark on this endeavor alone. The structure of the HCG Diet, combined with the one-on-one coaching, allows me the framework to help you heal your relationship with food while you simultaneously lose weight. As the weeks pass by with each of my clients, I can see the light building up in their eyes and there is no bigger reward than that! As you begin to shed the pain from your past that is no longer serving any purpose, you will also shed the weight that is holding you down. That extra weight is a physical representation of all of your pain living in your body. You deserve to be happy and the only way to do that is to release all that pain!

 Wishing You A Week Of Enjoying Your Food!
– Jenny 

As promised...Here is a link to a flavorful cod recipe that will make you feel like you are having a cheat day when you eat it!

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