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Healthy Detachment

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

I’ve spoken, over and over again, about the importance of close relationships in your life. Your family (immediate and extended), your friends, your coworkers etc. which are healthy attachments as long as it is love (and not codependency) that fuel the relationship. Today, however, I’d like to lift the veil on healthy DE-tachment.

Detachment, as a word, can evoke negative and confusing feelings in people. That is understandable if, for example, you had a very detached father (like myself) and you now long for attachment in any place you can find it. Going into this beautiful new year, I want you to look under all of those unturned stones. I want you to finally give yourself permission to detach from anything and everything that brings sadness to your life. It’s easier than you think and dropping all that dead weight will give way to forward momentum in your life in a way that may even be shocking!

The other side of the coin that we hate to talk about regarding the holidays is that, in the midst of all the happiness and magic of the holiday season, we are forced to confront almost ALL of our demons. It is important to talk about this so that we can move through 2019 with (hopefully) a little less emotional baggage. That baggage, after all, is the catalyst of almost all of our bad decisions. I totally get how easy it is to break a New Year’s resolution when you’ve had to put on a brave face for your children and you just want to let go of everything for just a moment! I am daring you to do things differently this year. I’m not asking you to make a resolution but to allow your life to be better forever. Imagine telling yourself that your happiness is the most important thing and the rest will fall into place. That just seems like downright fun!

What does that look like for me? I need to detach myself from the little girl who desperately needed her father’s attention and desperately wanted to make her mother happy. What are YOUR unhealthy attachments? I bet you just listed 3 of them pretty quickly without even having to think about it. Just start with one of those. Imagine your body draped with sand bags. Each one representing an unhealthy attachment. Now imagine how amazing it will feel to remove those, stand up and run as fast as you can into your awaiting life! Imagining it that way makes detaching from those unhealthy people, emotions etc. easier than you think.

When I started working here at Dream Spa Medical, I was forced to confront the fact that I had some judgments of my own regarding the beauty industry. As I immersed myself in this community and began to learn more and more about our clients, I realized that these are some of the most empowered and free women I’ve ever met! They have taught me so much about self-acceptance and prioritizing your own needs. As I’ve learned to adopt this philosophy myself, I can see how much happier my children are. They see me happy and, even though that means that sometimes they are with a sitter on date night, they love the new me! I know that it took me this long to get here because I was taught that being a martyr for your family is necessary and honorable but I’m happy to have broken that chain. I want you to be able to get there too. The most valuable gift you can give your family is for them to see you happy!

Wishing You a Week of Letting Go!

Xoxo Jenny

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