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Merry Mischief!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Dream Spa Medical HCG Weight Loss, Brookline, Canton, MA

As fun as all of those holiday shenanigans are, boy can they derail us from our weight loss goals! When I’m coaching my HCG clients, I always try to be reasonable with my expectations and take into consideration that perfection is NEVER the goal. I want you to enjoy the holidays but, also, I want you to remain steadfast in your determination to achieve your goals. This can feel like a tightrope walk for sure! Leading into the holiday season, I encourage you to think about the things that bring you true happiness at this time of the year. Most often, you’ll find, that the food and alcohol are just supporting players in a cast of friends and family who are the real stars of the show. Imagine removing some of those foods and drinks that you consume out of boredom or habit at a party and imagine how amazing you’ll feel if you just enjoy the company of the people you love! Then imagine waking up the next morning with that incomparable feeling of having overcome your impulse to depend on those unhealthy habits to sustain you in social situations.

Full disclosure here...I have been on both sides of that coin! I have an addictive personality so I have to be hyper-aware of my impulses and why I’m reaching for that 3rd drink or that 10th cookie. Even if my clients “cheat” and eat things that are outside the allowable foods on the HCG diet, I only ask that they do it with full awareness. Be present in your decision so that you can learn about yourself and what makes you tick. It is much easier to make healthier decisions if you know why you are making the unhealthy ones to begin with!

This holiday season I want you to be thankful for a body that is capable of carrying you through life. Show your thanks by treating that body with love and respect! Most importantly, when you flounder, do NOT punish yourself. Just forgive yourself and move on! Although weight loss is your goal when you see me for HCG coaching, my ultimate goal is to bring you closer to feeling peace and happiness with your body and your life. I can assure deserve it...we all do!

Wishing you and your family a beautiful holiday season filled with love, and maybe just one cookie ;-)


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