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Why Should I?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 12, 2018

It’s a valid question for sure! At this point in our journey together you have released your guilt and also learned about this fascinating hormone called HCG that can help you toward your weight loss goals. Of course, though, you are already bored by the idea that you are going to read about yet another diet full of rules and regulations. I hear you loud and clear! The endless diet fads drive me crazy as well. Although this program is extraordinarily structured, it is done so with your goals and happiness in mind.

As opposed to having a piece of paper, a book, a website or an app to guide you and leave you scratching your head every time you hit a roadblock, you have a real live person! The way that the program is designed and has been researched and proven over the years gives you the confidence you need in the information that is guiding you but, by far, the absolute best part of this program is having a Coach/BFF that you see every week to celebrate your wins, guide you through hard times and keep you focused on your weight loss goals and why you made them in the first place. Your HCG coach will answer your questions in a way that relates to you and your life specifically because she knows YOU. You aren’t just another customer, you are a very special and unique individual who will have your own set of vices, circumstances and overall goals for your body and your life.

So...Why Should You?? Because we listen to you, we care about you and we want you to be happy. Your weight loss will just be a sweet bonus!

Wishing you a week of appreciation for anyone who shows you love and support!


– Jenny 



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