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You Are Doing Your Best!

Monday, January 14, 2019

As much as I love to promote positivity and encourage you to Dream Big, I can’t ignore the other side of that coin. The ups are impossible without the downs and you cannot build resilience and perseverance if you are not tested. At any given moment, you are doing your best. Even when you think you are not. It is impossible to not do your best. Whatever is impeding your growth is building up your strength to do just that...grow. If you are lying flat on your face in bed and you feel are doing your best! We have resources within us that we can tap but they are not limitless. If you have exhausted your strength, your courage, your stamina etc. then you have done your best. The answer is not to push through that despair. The answer is to refill your resources. You cannot give what you do not have.

Of course, in our industry, we very much promote self-care (which I addressed in last week’s blog post) which is one of the ways you can refill your resources. It can start small though. Today, you can say, “I will drink 70 ounces of water today!”. That can be the beginning of your replenishment. Tomorrow you can call your sister or your friend and be vulnerable. Tell them exactly how you feel and let their love wash over you. The following day, open all the mail you’ve been ignoring. Don’t focus on the outcome, just focus on what you can realistically replenish today. It will accumulate faster than you think!

When you are at a point when you feel like you deserve some pampering...we will be here! We are happy to help you fill up those resources to the tippity top! I will often suggest to clients that they come to their appointment early to unwind. It makes such a big difference. Just picture check in and we hang your pour yourself a hot mug of tea or chat with the other women in the waiting read an article or two and then your practitioner calls you in and treats you like a queen! It’s a worthwhile venture to dedicate time and energy to the refilling of your resources but when they do run out (because we are not perfect so they will) you need to remember that you are doing your best...ALWAYS!

Wishing You a Week of Replenishment!



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