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Fat Loss Focus - Canton, Brookline, MA

5 January 2016

By Slone Mathieu, Dream Spa Medical Spa Director

Hopefully the holidays are filled with family, friends, and festivity. You raise a glass, share a meal, and celebrate with cookies. This is all fine and fun, until the new year comes. The memories are still alive, but the pounds begin to bother you. So you make a resolution to lose the weight...but where do you begin?

Dr. Russo & Staff, partnered with Dream Spa Medical, would like to introduce you to the HCG Diet Program. This program can provide fast, effective results that will take you into the coming year and change your health habits for a lifetime.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a protein hormone found in our bodies that elevates during pregnancy. In this state, HCG takes reserves from your fat cells to provide for the baby, and prevent the mother from starvation.

Through our diet program, low doses of HCG are injected into the body. This is the most effective way of delivering the hormone, which tricks the body into processing food in a more metabolically efficient way. HCG creates an anabolic state (muscle building) in the body, to counteract the catabolic state (muscle loss), which is the bodies natural reaction during a traditional diet. In this controlled condition you preserve your lean muscle matter, and the dietary loss pulls directly from your fat stores. Traditional diets cause an immediate response on the scale, but with the loss of muscle, it leaves for a hollow cosmetic appearance and a confused metabolism. This is the very reason that dieters so easily regain the weight once their restrictions are lifted.

HCG injections are an adjunct to a low calorie, lean protein regimen. We will customize a nutritional plan based on your body composition and lifestyle habits. We offer menu planning, weekly counseling, health check-ins, training and progress reports to help you achieve your goals. Call Dream Spa Medical to learn more about our HCG Diet Program.

New Years resolutions have never been so easy! Have a happy and healthy one!!

Dream Spa Medical’s Treatment Cheat Sheet - Canton, Boston, MA

9 December 2015

By Slone Mathieu, Dream Spa Medical Spa Director

We know our clients are savvy people. You live with your skin, and you want it taken care of your way. However, our list of services can read like a Japanese menu - wonderful & overwhelming. What way do you go when you've never tasted (or heard of) half the ingredients?

Dream Spa Medical is here to guide you through any cosmetic complaints and concerns. We can give you a little taste of this and a test of that. We have varied options for every skin type and price point. We offer COMPLIMENTARY consults and follow-up visits. And now we're offering a DSM "Treatment Cheat Sheet".

Do you want to get ready for that special event?
Our Hydrafacial and O2 facials are perfect for any occasion. There is no downtime, and the skin is left healthy and hydrated for a flawless makeup application or a perfect photo opportunity. We can also customize a facial just for you - calming and comforting your skin to leave you looking and feeling better.

Do you want to smooth out your texture and bring back that tone?
Try our Clear & Brilliant treatment which is designed to turn over the cells and plump up fine lines and wrinkles. You can also stick with a classic microdermabrasion or gentle alpha-beta peel. All 3 treatments exfoliate and improve the quality of the skin, while brightening the overall tone.

Do you want to treat an actual skin condition?
Laser Genesis works well for deep set conditions such as Melasma, Rosacea and Acne. Our MedLite/Enlighten laser is designed for superficial discoloration such as Hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Both lasers offer a variety of added benefits with no downtime. With added recovery time, we can select an advanced chemical peel for more immediate results specific to pigment and pimples.

Do you want to turn back the hands of time?
We offer two revolutionary treatments that can help you do just that. Ultherapy will help lift and redefine the contours of your face, neck and décolletage. A series of Microneedling will plump and rebuild the structure of your skin. Both treatment offer long lasting results, as a replacement or preliminary to surgical procedures.

Do you want it all? Now??
We can combine treatments and offer a discounted package designed just for you. Tell us what you want and we'll help you figure out what you your appointment today!

A Simple and Trustworthy Skincare Solution? - Canton, Brookline, MA

13 August 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

Do you know what MLM is? Are? I may not know the correct verb, but I'm hip enough to recognize that this concept has made a huge impact on my industry. And for one split second I worried about the future of my job. One. Split. Second.

MLM stands for multi level marketing - a tiered sales approach that has become more pervasive with the advent of social media. Pertaining to my industry, one prime example of a multi level marketing effort would be Rodan & Fields. The makers of Proactive (don't even get me started!) have moved on from teenage acne needs, to advanced skin care. Of course, the developers of these products are Doctors, with more professional degrees than me. Myself? Uh Oh...

With that said, there is nothing wrong with these products. The marketing campaign would lead you to believe the ingredients are miracle makers. In reality, they are similar to any over-the-counter line. They can be quite beneficial in treating your dead skin - we all need a little exfoliation now and then. However, medical grade skin care can actually treat the living skin for a much greater effect, and to offer such high quality, result driven products you need to be a licensed professional.

MLM's leave the sale and control of their products in the hands of full-time Moms, part-time Housewives, and "non-professionals". These may be quality people who deserve a spot at the top of the pyramid, but the company’s objective is to get you to buy the product. Then, "maybe, if you're interested, just to cover the cost of your home care needs, just to make a few extra bucks", get you to start selling the product.

I'm not begrudging anyone their supplemental source of income, or their personal interests, or their need to be social and satisfied....I see the appeal. I gave up my career to stay at home, but as a proud and highly trained skin care professional, I think this is a bit presumptuous. I certainly wouldn't start an accounting firm just because I can balance my checkbook. To the penny.

I am not a certified accountant, just as the MLM teams are not licensed in skin care, but for a small fee and an endless sales pitch, they are happy to sign you on to a contract and let you learn this lesson the hard way. $$Ka-Ching!$$

It's more than enough to trust the pros to gamble with your money....are you willing to gamble with your face?

Summer Skin Saver - Canton, Brookline, MA

12 May 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

For years I lived in denial regarding the powers of the Clarisonic. Why should I endorse the very thing that I feared would put me out of a job? And exactly how many vibrating, pulsating, stimulating, devices does one woman need? Then, I started using it...

At first, I just wanted to prove that the Clarisonic could not possibly cleanse the skin 6x's better than me, a Licensed Medical Aesthetician. In fact, I still insist that this is an important and necessary skill - to know how to properly clean your face. However, since so many of us fail to take the time needed, I immediately began to recognize the benefits in my personal and professional use.

The Clarisonic gently manipulates the skin and works out congestion, dirt and debris. It puts your cleanser to work for you and even tells you when the work is done. This precise approach improves your treatment and product results. It's like a custom car wash, a visit from the cleaning service, your gardener's green thumb. It's flossing AND brushing.

For some skin types, this is a year-long, daily necessity. But during the warm summer months, when you're protecting, sweating and producing more oils, and then locking it in with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, the additional cleansing benefits can make all the difference for the rest of us. Beyond that, you can use it to dry-rub gel masks for improved exfoliation, or penetrate gentle acids to treat body acne.

You may still need to see your Dentist, and you should definitely see your Aesthetician, but feel free to let your husband wonder about the soft "hummmmmm" coming from behind the bathroom door. Ha! It works on so many levels.

Learn more about Clarisonic, call Dream Spa Medical today!'s only Beauty

20 April 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

As a professional in the personal care industry it is my job to provide results...and relaxation. However, I find that many clients have a difficult time giving in to the experience. Most of them would stressfully spend their treatment time thinking about all the other things they should be doing, and many of them view their personal grooming habits as a means of slapping it on, wiping it off, and getting it over with. To that end, I always encourage my clients to slow down, breath, and be present for the session.

Leave the baggage - the stress, the chores, the responsibilities, the guilt, the complaining kid - at the door. If your service provider is not working hard to get you to that place, then leave them at the door too!

And for the love of a stress free beauty routine please get rid of your magnifying mirrors. I personally stepped away from my mirror when I transitioned from makeup to skin care. I found the experience so liberating and it made me appreciate my full faced reflection so much more. My clients are usually surprised, and somewhat relieved, when I share this advice. The fact is, nobody looks at you that closely! So stop criticizing every pore and stop creating more stress for yourself.

Whatever your preferred pampering routine may be, make sure you take the time to enjoy enjoying it. Pour a glass of wine. Play the music loud. Get good skin. Give good face. Call Dream Spa Medical today!

Mommy and Me and No One Else!

16 March 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

I waited 10 years to even consider trying for a baby. By that point, I was very eager and kinda late to the party. No matter. Luck was on my side, and I was fortunate to find myself pregnant.

I wanted to have the full experience, so I began training for it like it was an extreme sport. I read the books, watched the videos, toured the hospitals, took the classes, flexed the kegels, and wrote the birthing plan. I got extremely healthy and ridiculously happy, and in the end, I had a very easy natural birth. That's right, I said it. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

It was easy because I knew exactly what to expect for every stage of delivery, and I was prepared to turn it over to the pros if something felt wrong. I took the same approach to parenting. I knew all the phases and stages and very little surprised me, other than how massive the love was. I was a (highly prepared) natural. The only difficult part was trying to imagine committing to this extreme experience again. The training was no problem, and guiding my daughter through life was fun, but finding my Mommy groove was hard. I must have missed that chapter in the book...

I tried to socialize, but as I revisited some of my high-end haunts, I felt sorely out of place. Even returning to my previous jobs, and spending time amongst friends that I knew and loved, left me confused. It seemed these fancy people, wearing their fancy clothes, sitting in their fancy shops, were more comfortable with the tiny dog that had always rode shotgun in my semi-fancy bag, but they had no idea what to do with my drippy, drooly baby bouncing in a Bjorn.

So, I dropped out. It was just me and the kid. All the time! The thing is, you can contain your desires to get out there, and you can distract yourself fully in a life that centers around baby, but at some point returning to the grown-up world becomes a necessity. Like, I need a haircut. I need something to hide my eye bags. I need clothes that fit. I need a glass of wine!!!

That's why I love Dream Spa Medical. Not only do we get it, but we've got what you need! Our staff consists of several working Moms who are sophisticated, smart, savvy, and not at all afraid of sticky fingers! In fact, we all believe that playing is an important part of your beauty regimen, and we encourage you to get down and dirty, and do whatever puts a smile on your face. We also encourage you to take and make time for yourself. So, to that end, we invite you (and your kids!) to come play with us on Thursday, March 26th for "Mommy's Day Out". We will have a childcare specialist on site, so you can take some much-needed time for yourself and get a treatment, talk to a professional about your skincare and anti-aging concerns, and leave with a goodie bag to continue the regiment at home.

Get fancy and fun - worry free!

Where's Your Skin From? - Canton, Brookline, MA

4 March 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

I've lived in a lot of different places - born in New York, exiled to New Jersey, educated in Massachusetts, lost in California and found in Washington, DC. Wherever our path took us, we always brought ourselves back to Boston. This was where the family was, and when we actually decided to have one of our own, we knew we need to be home. It was a long plan in the making; by the time we established our "village" and created our family of friends, it was time to move.

I'm not afraid of change, but you can not convince a toddler of these things. You have to show them. So after 3 months of solo parenting and packing and property wars, I hit Boston like a lunatic! I would literally jump out my car and approach random women walking with their daughters, "does your daughter like pink? my daughter LOVES pink! we should totally have a play date..."

I was very far outside of my comfort zone, but I had to find a community for my daughter. And I had to unpack the house!! So I signed the kid up for a 3-hour "gym & swim" thing. Every morning I'd drop her off, and while she got settled I would plan my course of attack: how to cram 8-hours of unpacking into her mini play day? I was so distracted, I failed to notice the tall, blonde, tan woman standing next to me everyday. I think it's safe to say that she was much better off without me, but eventually I saw her and we spoke.

Me: "The kids seem to really like this program."
She: "Yes. Is this her first summer?"
Me: "Yes. We just moved here."
She: "Why did you move?"
Me: "To be closer to the family. To that end, I hope your granddaughter appreciates having you here every day"
She: "Um, no...she's not....I mean, I'm not...well, that's my daughter. I'm her Mom!"

Left foot out of comfort zone; right foot into mouth. Needless to say, they did not become our new friends. I felt really bad about the exchange (like horrible, mean, nasty sorta bad), and I can only imagine how she felt. I tried to comfort myself by saying this would bode well for my professional aspirations. Clearly there was skin to be fixed in Boston, and while I usually try to be kind and complimentary during my consults, it was a very telling mistake.

My geographical adventures have exposed me to a wide variety or people, with their own preferences, pastimes, physiology and personal care habits. In LA I did a lot of cosmetic care and maintenance, because that's show biz. In DC, the long hot summer season forced a lot of acne care. Of course, the mean cold winters in Boston take their toll as well. Mostly, it leaves us longing to stick our feet in some warm sand and feel the sun on our face. Extremes elements, force extreme living...and we like it that way!

I totally get it. The last thing you want to entertain is the Aesthetician who tells you to "stay out of the sun". After months of being out of the sun.

The thing is, we're not asking you to stop living! We're just asking you to live wisely and be prepared. Please feel free to pack the picnic, get the gear, bring the beer, whatever. But while you're at it, why don't you borrow your honeys hat and steal some of the sunscreen that you're slathering on your kid? This is your first line of defense; your #1 anti-aging product. Use it, and never be mistaken for a "grandma". Even when you are.

Skincare for the Stars...oh, and you too! - Canton, Brookline, MA

9 February 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

People get all hot and bothered over celebrity endorsements. Back in the late 90's I worked in the Production Resources Department at New Line Cinema. Essentially, my job was to secure product to be prominently displayed in the final edit of a film. In return, that featured product would be supplied to the cast and crew at no additional charge.

Now think of the celebrity that actually made the endorsement appealing...they might get a lifetime supply of goods for their entire family and their multiple homes. That adds up to big savings and a serious hook-up!! For instance, I'm willing to bet that Mike Meyers has an open tab at Chili's and Fat Boy Burger thanks to their placement in the Austin Powers films. See how this is a mutually beneficial relationship? Of course, I'm just speculating because, we, in the Production Resources Department were sworn to secrecy.

Things have changed a lot since the 90's. Nowadays, everyone knows that celebrity endorsements make money, and no one likes that more than the people who make the goods. Every other week, or so, we train with a different product representative, device manufacturer or skincare specialist. Yes, the girls at Dream Spa Medical are trained hard and we like it! Many of these sessions involve some reference to what celebrity is currently using their product. Those who cannot brag about such things are conspicuously self-conscious and currently working on the goal of obtaining a celebrity endorsement.

Personally, I don't really care for this approach, despite the fact that the treatments we do at Dream Spa Medical are apparently very popular in the celebrity community. That doesn't surprise me. However, as cutting edge and effective as our treatments may be, I don't really want anyone to get the impression that they are exclusive. We are all entitled to good skin, and when you consider the cost of bad skin, or good handbags, or decent shoes, we can all afford our faces.

Nevertheless, many of you are interested in knowing who does what, and when. I could give you the details (and I will if you happen to end up on my table), but recently I heard a celebrity endorsement I can really get behind. Okay, she's not a big fan of fillers or Botox, and I'm not an especially big fan of hers either. She's fine. She's Jennifer Aniston. She of the bronzed skin and the golden hair and the hot body. Did I mention the cute boyfriend? I admire her because she makes it look laid back and effortless. I resent her because I know there is no way it’s actually that easy!

In a recent interview she offered her usual criticism of certain cosmetic procedures, thereby insulting half of Hollywood and many of her friends. She cooly claimed that she takes care of her skin, eats well and exercises. Never mind that some might consider this a job requirement for an actress, and one that she gets paid very well to do. However, she went on to reveal that she "loves laser and other noninvasive procedures". Of course she does!

You look at her and think that she is so healthy and young, she doesn't need to have any work done...and that's because she's already had the work done! Lasers as a corrective measure are very effective; lasers as a preventative measure are pure genius. So basically, she just endorsed the entirety of my business, and for that I say, thank you Ms. Aniston!

Lasers facials really are the way to go when it comes to anti-aging, and controlling certain skin conditions. Honestly, if you integrate the world of lasers, skin care and injectables (yes, they can be amazing in moderation - a specialty at Dream Spa Medical) the thought of a face lift is a thing of the past. Unless you forget your sunblock during your next trip to Cabo....

FAVORITE PRODUCT OF 2015: SkinCeuticals Retinol

21 January 2015

By local mom and medical aesthetician at Dream Spa Medical Brookline: Slone Mathieu

I have been using this product since it came out many, many, MANY years ago. At the time I was working with a Dermatologist who swore by the benefits of Retin-A. He repeatedly told patients that it was the "best anti-aging product" and at the age of 25 ("gasp") I felt a need to start considering this concept.

Retin-A works by thinning the outermost layer of skin, which is called the stratum corneum. This layer consists of dead cells, and the gentle exfoliation caused by the product should reveal the healthier skin underneath. Simultaneously, the newly exposed cells of the epidermis are thickened by the product. This cellular renewal affects the collagen and elastin, which gives the skin structure. These proteins decrease with age, and without this support system gravity will begin to take its toll. ("gasp").

I tried every variation and derivation of Vitamin A - lotions, creams, suspensions, gels, combination, dilutions - and the results were always the same. Dehydrated, irritated, over-stimulated, peeling skin OR no visible effect whatsoever.

Then SkinCeuticals released the Retinol 0.5. I added it to my nightly routine simply because we sold it, but I swore it was my last ditch effort with Retin-A. My expectations were low. Testing the product was a part of my job....and I do love my job, because the results were phenomenal!

This is a pure, yet cosmetically elegant product. It felt hydrating, but somehow managed to reduce my oil production. I stopped pouring over my pressed powder for touch-ups. I also stopped worrying about my acne outbreaks. My regular stress reactions and hormonal flare-ups became less frequent, and eventually ceased all together. I was so pleased with the product’s acne control, that I haven't really considered the "anti-aging" aspect since then. Partly because SkinCeuticals has become such a regular part of my regime, and partly because I still think of myself as being in my twenties.

Of course, I am not. If I happen to forget my years, I can certainly feel them! However, I was recently reminded of the product’s purpose when a teenage client of mine, gave me the once-over and guessed that I was, "like, maybe 25 years old, or whatever". ("gasp"). In other words, I haven't aged a day since I started "anti-aging"?!? This may have been a very loose assessment, but I'll take the compliment, and offer up my thanks to SkinCeuticals.

Now serving Retinol 1.0...because I'm nowhere near 25! ("sigh").

Lipstick and Love - Brookline, Canton, MA

29 December 2014

By local mom and medical aesthetician: Slone Mathieu

I've been committed to the same man for 20 years, but I'll happily whore myself out for the latest beauty products.  In this world, I have many loves and even more crushes, and still, I am not satisfied! I'm constantly on the prowl; hunting for a bigger, better, badder, bolder version of.....myself!?!

Now this may not be a shocking revelation for some, but I've worked as a makeup artist for 15 years, and I can assure you that this is not the industry norm. You know what I'm talking about. You walk up to the makeup counter for some big brand at some fancy retail store and the sales associate approaches you. She is helpful and sweet, and she seems to be wearing every single product in the entire cosmetics department. You begin to feel inadequate. Here is a person who has taken the time to touch upon every principle in makeup artistry and all you did was swish some mouthwash and put on some lip balm. At least you went for the "tinted" kind!

Don't get me wrong, I respect the power of makeup - it can give you confidence when needed or drama when desired. I love the fun of it, but please spare me the fiction. I've had my fair share of that!

When I first moved back to Boston I took a transitional job as an Aesthetician at a cosmetic retail shop.  I was cooling my heels and making my move on Dream Spa Medical. I quickly learned that spa services were not the foundation of the business, and so I found myself spending time on the sales floor with the 20-something year old makeup artists. They were light and lovely girls. When we weren't selling and stocking product, we had dance parties and story time and food runs, and in between everything we'd put on makeup!

I was having fun, but basic math would indicate the problem: I was not a 20-something! In fact, I had just turned 40 and my soul was screaming for simplicity. I didn't want more; I wanted less. I had never felt more comfortable or confident in my own skin, so why was I spending hours concealing it?!?

This simple question inspired me to get serious about my career...and my skin care. I started at Dream Spa Medical 2 months later and began applying my wanton enthusiasm to every product, facial and laser treatment I could try. I reevaluated my home care (yes, even I need to check in every once in awhile!), committed to my treatment series, and began investing my time and money in my skin. And before you scoff at that last bit, please remember that I know how much a makeup brush or a good foundation cost!

No matter what age, or price point, you should be living the reality of good, healthy skin. As for the fantasy of makeup, celebrate it and reserve it for an appropriate occasion. As a regular habit you should pick a feature focus and keep the rest simple ladies. I love a finished brow and lots of mascara, but I'll take the SPF and lip balm any long as they're both tinted!

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