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Get Your Feet Ready for Spring and Summer Shoes! - Brookline, MA

6 April 2015 Bookmark and Share

If you are anything like the staff at Dream Spa Medical, you spent most of this winter in heavy boots, trudging around in the snow. Any spare time was spent shoveling, not taking care of ourselves and it’s starting to show…especially in our feet. Maybe you are afraid of what is lurking under those heavy wool socks or perhaps have even taken a peek and are wondering how long you can get away with keeping your tootsies covered.

Pedicures are great for keeping your feet fresh for warm weather but who has the time or the money? Dream Spa Medical has the answer: with these 2 options:

Baby Foot-At Home Treatment (1 for $30 or 2 for $50)
Baby Foot, and exfoliating treatment for you to use at home. The best part is, it will only take 60 minutes and you can pamper yourself at home. The Baby Feet kit comes with everything you need to get your feet and toes ready for the spring and summer footwear. These kits are great for both men and women so visit Dream Spa Medical to pick up one for yourself and one for that special someone in your life!

Spa Foot peel- Spa Treatment ($49)
A body peel for your feet. Just like our faces, the rest of our body, and especially our toes and soles need professional exfoliation. This quick in-office treatment is similar to a peel for your face and leaves your tooties fresh and ready for summer. Just like with peels for the face, your feet will experience physical exfoliation for about 7 days. Once that happens, you can slip on a pair of sandals and enjoy the warmer weather with smooth heels from your peel.

You can come in just for a foot peel or add it on to another service. Call now to book your appointment and put some Spring in your step!

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