• Women that are Pregnant or Nursing should not receive Velashape treatments.
  • We have found that it is best to avoid eating a large meal prior to your appointment if you are treating your abdomen. We will be massaging and applying heat to your abdomen which may make it uncomfortable during and immediately post treatment if you are very full.
  • We have found with all body contouring procedures that it is best if the patient is as close to their “goal weight” as possible and that their weight has been mostly stable for the past six months. Velashape along with all body contouring procedures is intended to contour a specific area that requires more attention than simple diet and exercise can offer. It is not intended as a weight loss procedure.
  • It is best to avoid direct sun exposure or tanning booths prior to your appointment. Although treating tanned skin is not contraindicated we will not treat compromised or sunburnt skin.
  • We suggest avoiding sunless tanning lotion for 2 days prior to your appointment. If you have sunless tanning on your skin it is best to exfoliate prior to your appointment. This will not impede your treatment in any way but the solution used in the treatment combined with the heat and massage will remove the product and it may look undesirable.
  • We always suggest hydrating as much as possible prior to any treatment at Dream Spa Medical. It is a great way to help your body function at it’s best as well as help to accelerate your healing time and enhance results.
  • Proper hydration and a healthy active lifestyle are of the utmost importance when undergoing body contouring procedures. All of these modalities work in conjunction with your lymphatic system. The more you get your body moving and provide it with the proper nutrients the better your results will be.


  • Generally Velashape is a very comfortable procedure with little to no downtime.
  • You may experience minor redness or small hive-like bumps in the treated area post treatment; this should subside within 3 days.
  • Bruising is a possibility. If this occurs you may apply Arnica gel to expedite healing. You may take Advil or Motrin for discomfort.
  • Velashape works with your body’s lymphatic system to eliminate fatty deposits and toxins. We suggest maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle to help encourage your lymphatic system to function at its highest level.
  • We suggest that you increase your hydration intake by 30-50% daily to continue to promote optimal lymphatic flow.


Best results are achieved with a series of 6 treatments, spaced 1-2 weeks apart depending upon what we are targeting with the treatment. We suggest weekly treatments for cellulite and circumferential reduction. We suggest treatments every 2 weeks for skin tightening. Maintenance treatments are strongly encouraged within 6 months to 1 year post series completion. For this reason Dream Spa Medical offers reduced package pricing for our patients that make the commitment to invest in themselves and commit to maintenance treatments more accessible during or after the completion of their initial Velashape series.

If you are experiencing any symptoms outside of the “Normal” range (those mentioned above) please reach out to Dream Spa Medical immediately so that we can work to remedy any and all issues or simply just be a listening ear to your questions and concerns to ensure that you feel comfortable. If you are experiencing an emergency outside of our open hours, please call our clinical emergency line at 781-222-0176. 

At Dream Spa Medical we believe in having open communication and ensuring that your results are exactly as you and your provider expect them to be. For this reason we always schedule our patients that are either new to us or new to this specific treatment with a 2 week in-person follow up. This is a time for you and your provider to discuss your results and future treatments as well as go over any additional questions. The exception to this would be if you and your provider have developed a monthly treatment plan or if you are signed up for a series of pre-planned treatments such as Laser Hair Removal.  In this case you will receive communication from Dream Spa Medical within 48 hours checking in on you. If at any point in time on your journey with us you would like to schedule a follow up or speak to your provider about your most recent treatment or progress we are happy to accomodate in person, virtually, by phone or email. 

We are always here to ensure that you LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER!

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