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An Effective Solution to a Common Issue

Did you know cellulite affects approximately 90% of women? This common cosmetic issue can sometimes cause a loss of self-esteem, and we believe at Dream Spa Medical that you deserve to feel empowered and confident in your skin. This treatment of cellulite reduction in Brookline is an effective, non-surgical treatment that greatly diminishes the presence of cellulite without taking too much valuable time out of your busy schedule. 

You’ll enjoy smoother, more youthful, and supple-looking skin with minimal downtime and recovery. If you’re interested in learning more about QWO cellulite reduction and how this treatment can help you, a member of our team is ready to help! Simply reach out and set up your consultation at our Canton or Brookline locations today.

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How Can QWO Help Me?

When you visit Dream Spa Medical, you’re not just another patient. Our team is dedicated to an individualized approach, and we’ll get to know both your individual cosmetic goals and your physical qualities in equal measure. We’ll work with you to craft a treatment plan that addresses your aesthetic aspirations in a way that leaves you feeling empowered and looking your very best.

Some of the main benefits that come with QWO include:

  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Quick, easy “lunch break” procedure
  • Smoother, more youthful skin
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal recovery period
  • Fully FDA-approved

How Does the QWO Treatment Work?

Addressing Cellulite at the Cause

Fibrous bands under the skin can sometimes grow thicker over time, causing tension beneath your skin, which pushes fatty cells up to the surface. This results in a dimpling effect that many of us know as cellulite.

Naturally Occurring Enzymes

QWO utilizes a compound known as collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes. This mixture of naturally occurring enzymes will be injected into your skin, just underneath the visible cellulite, where it will go to work creating its incredible results.

A Targeted Treatment

The enzymes in your QWO treatment will target the specific type of collagen that makes up these troublesome fibrous bands, breaking them down and effectively reversing the cause of your cellulite in the first place. You’ll see a reduction in the presence of cellulite and will enjoy smoother, more youthful, and supple skin.

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Bringing Cosmetic Empowerment to You

Dream Spa Medical is founded on over a decade’s worth of experience in the cosmetics industry. This practice was created to help patients discover results they may have previously considered unattainable, as we’re of the opinion that you deserve to look and feel your very best.

We’re excited to offer a number of highly advanced, minimally invasive procedures designed to rejuvenate both the face and the body in equal measure, enabling you to move through the world with a renewed sense of confidence and poise.

Explore our Dream Club Membership, and learn more about how you can enjoy discounted access to our many procedures!

Learn More About Dream Club

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Are you ready to bring your aesthetic empowerment to new heights? We're excited to be offering the Dream Club Membership, enabling you to enjoy special pricing on treatments and products, in addition to a wide variety of seasonal freebies and aesthetic treats that'll truly enhance the way you look and feel.

Your membership cost is a monthly $200 payment, which actually serves as a deposit that can be used towards a treatment of your choice.

You'll also have the option to "stash" this fee, for later use, so you can truly make the most out of your Dream Club Membership. To learn more, reach out and set up your consultation at our Canton or Brookline office today.

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Enjoying Your Incredible Results

QWO has been found to significantly reduce the presence of cellulite in the treatment area, and your practitioner will give you a good idea of the results you can expect. Typically, you’ll see an improvement in the treatment area within about three weeks of your first session. To learn more about cellulite reduction in Brookline and what it can do for you, reach out and set up your consultation today!

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