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The advanced robotic system built into the device will help us precisely place the electrodes that target specific skin depths. With this comprehensive coverage of the dermal skin layers, you’ll achieve more profound, natural-looking, and longer-lasting results.

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How does Sylfirm X work?

Sylfirm X has the widest depth range (0.3mm – 4.0mm) compared to other similar RF devices. This means that it can be customized to each individual and target a number of different concerns at the same time. In addition, this treatment has very little downtime, which is unheard of with other RF devices on the market. Sylfirm X is the only RF microneedling technology approved to safely treat neovascularity, such as:

  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Discoloration
  • Other hard-to-treat skin conditions

    The Technology Behind Sylfirm X

    Sylfirm X features Radio Frequency Collagen Induction and Exosome Technology, to deliver unmatched results to each patient. 

    What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

    CIT is a minimally invasive procedure using thin needles to make tiny holes in the top layer of your skin. Introducing controlled micro-injuries into the skin promotes the production of new collagen and elastin.

    What is RF?

    RF or Radio Frequency is heat that introduces additional stimulation of collagen production, which leads to tighter, better-looking skin.

    What is Exosome Therapy?

    Exosome therapy is the latest, most advanced biotechnology. Exosome skin rejuvenation in Brookline has a unique ability to transfer information from cell to cell, like the body’s fastest mailmen, providing an incredible boost of results AND speeding up the healing process.

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    Members:  $1,000

    Non-member: $1,100

    *Sylfirm X is currently only available at our Brookline location


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    What are the benefits of Sylfirm X?

    Sylfirm X is on the cutting edge of RF microneedling innovation, which is why we proudly offer it Dream Spa Medical. Some of the many benefits of Sylfirm X include the following:

    • Reduced skin laxity
    • Minimized aging lines and wrinkles
    • Minimized vascular pigmentation 
    • Treats redness and melasma 
    • Improved appearance of scarring 
    • Restores a youthful, smooth skin texture 
    • Refines pores
    • Enhances skin tone
    • Treats some types of acne and acne scars 
    • It provides a subtle lift to loose skin 
    • Treats post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
    • Minimizes rosacea 
    • Minimizes stretch marks 
    • Quick treatment sessions
    • Little to no discomfort
    • No downtime
    • Immediate results
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    Sylfirm X Procedure and Results

    Sylfirm X sessions are performed in-office using topical numbing to reduce discomfort throughout the procedure, which lasts approximately thirty minutes. A micro-needle probe is placed on the skin to emit radiofrequency energy directly. This triggers your body’s collagen regeneration to give you smooth, flawless skin.

    While you’ll likely notice visible improvement in your skin appearance with just one treatment, many patients require up to five treatments for the best results. Sylfirm X produces long-lasting skin rejuvenation so that you can repeat treatments yearly for extended benefits.

    We have provided a Sylfirm care sheet for optimal treatment and results for you to review prior to your Sylfirm X session. You’ll find further information about the procedure and how to enhance your results.

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    Why choose Dream Spa Medical for Sylfirm X treatments?

    Dream Spa Medical is a high-end, full-service medical spa committed to offering state-of-the-art treatments, such as Sylfirm X, in a welcoming and vibrant environment. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best, regardless of your aesthetic goals. To learn more, reach out to our Brookline or Patriot Place locations and schedule a consultation with a Dream Spa Medical staff member.

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