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Skin Tightening Treatment For Better Skin Tone and Texture

February 18, 2021

Loose and sagging skin is unavoidable as you age. But with Profound skin tightening treatment you can lift the skin, add volume to the face, and tighten tissue after just one treatment. Profound uses heat and radio frequency to cause micro-channels in the deep layers of your skin which prompts your body to produce new Collagen, Elastin AND Hyaluronic Acid! All necessary to keep the skin healthy and fresh as you age.

Profound skin tightening is a technique that uses microneedling radiofrequency devices that help build back lax skin particles making them healthy and strong. A gorgeous improvement can be noticed after just the first treatment which tightens and tones the loose skin on the face and body to give youthful and lifted results.

Profound’s cutting-edge technology means that one treatment can offer dramatic results. There is little downtime needed after a Profound session. Most patients are back to their normal routine, including work, school, and exercise, within 24 hours. Healing is rapid and the skin appearance returns to normal quickly. A single Profound treatment has been proven to improve skin laxity in 100% of patients in only a few months with results lasting up to 4 years.

The Profound treatment will help you feel fresh and youthful by improving the appearance of commonly targeted areas along the face and neck. A single treatment will create healthy and beautiful skin that will eliminate that sagging or drooping skin for better tone and texture.

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