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Are you ready to experience all the confidence that comes with looking and feeling better than you’ve felt in years? 

Driven to only achieve the best results for every patient, we’ve curated only the best. That means the most effective treatments, the best providers, and continued education on advanced techniques.

The Dream Spa Medical Planning Process

Dream Spa Medical is a high-end, full-service medical spa committed to empowering outcomes in a welcoming and vibrant environment. We believe in having open communication and non-judgmental dialogue, so that together you and your provider can achieve results that are exactly as you expect them to be.

Step 1: Your Consultation

Contact us to set up your free initial consultation. We’ll create a time for either an in-office conversation, or we can chat via video conference. Let’s talk openly and honestly about your concerns and goals. We want to hear your story, including your medical history, current concerns, and goals for your aesthetic journey. Then, we’ll share our in-depth knowledge and put years of professional experience to work evaluating appropriate treatments.

Step 2: Your Treatment Plan

Your provider will consider your history, concerns, and goals, and determine whether our non-surgical treatments are the right way to achieve your goals. If the treatment isn’t a match for you, or if we don’t think it would accomplish your goals, we’ll tell you. At Dream Spa Medical, we don’t sell time in a chair. We want our patients to achieve their best self-care and self-improvement.

If your needs are a good match for our treatments, we’ll design a personalized, results-driven plan to help you achieve your dreams.

Step 3: Your Services

You may receive one treatment or several, depending on your concerns and goals. During your course of professional aesthetic rejuvenation, wellness support, and physician skin care near Boston, your provider will adjust treatments according to your comfort and success. Once your course of treatments are done, we’ll continue to stay in contact as you see more positive results arrive. We’ll also provide guidance on the best ways to support what you’ve achieved so that you can enjoy the effects for many days, weeks, even years to come.

Now that you’ve discovered the best possible version of yourself, we’ll be here to continue to help you look and feel your best.

Diana Brouillard, Owner, on what to expect from your visit to Dream Spa Medical.

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