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Waxing - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

Waxing - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

Dream Spa Medical offers waxing services as an alternative to laser hair removal. This service is great for clients who have completed their laser hair removal treatments and need a quick touch up and it is perfect for our clients who are not eligible for laser hair removal. Over time, wax clients see a slowing of hair growth and the hair becomes finer and thinner over time. Typical time between waxes can be from 3-6 weeks.

Our wax specialists can work on almost any part of the body and any skin type. Not only do we use a luxurious skin-soothing wax, we complete each service with a high-frequency treatment to reduce redness and provide an antimicrobial barrier over your newly smooth skin. This helps prevent unwanted breakouts that can occur after waxing.

Waxing - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

A quick note about bikini/Brazilian waxes. Bikini waxes remove hair that appears outside of your bathing suit or underwear line. Brazilian waxes remove all hair, front and back.

If you are ready to have smooth, hair free skin, call Dream Spa Medical today for services and pricing.

High Frequency Treatment - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

Most of our clients don’t associate the term “high frequency” with aesthetics. Sure, they associate the word with computers, wifi, medical terminology, etc, but it’s a rare client who has heard of, or experienced, a high frequency treatment during a facial.

A high-frequency machine is commonly used after waxing (particularly eyebrows, lips, chin or bikini) to reduce redness, eliminate bacteria, and minimize breakouts as well as help promote skin healing. However, the high-frequency machine can be used for so much more.

High Frequency Treatment - Canton, Brookline, Boston, MA

Let's start with what the machine actually is. A high frequency machine uses gas to conduct electricity at 20,000 Hz per second. This sounds very high but clients only feel a slight tingle at first and then just experience a comforting warmth as the glass wand is moved over the skin.

As mentioned above, the high frequency machine is used after waxing. Also, Dream Spa ends our Purification Facial with the high frequency machine to eliminate bacteria that may have been brought to the skin's surface during extractions. We also use an attachment on severely congested skin, called a Galvanic attachment to soften debris in impacted pores. Once the debris is softened, extractions are more productive and easier for the client. The high frequency machine also helps water-based products penetrate more deeply into the skin at the end of a facial.

To sum everything up, a high frequency machine is a must for your skin health during and after a facial and especially after waxing. Here is a quick recap of what the machine can do for you

  • Reduces redness and prevents breakouts after waxing
  • Has an antibacterial effect on skin after waxing and extractions
  • Promotes skin healing after waxing and extractions
  • Soften debris in congested pores
  • Pushes water based products deeper into the skin after treatments

Call Dream Spa Medical today at 339-502-8070 to schedule a Purification Facial or waxing treatment to experience the benefits of a high frequency treatment!

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