Dream Spa is an absolute gem! Every single person I meet there really cares about my results and my happiness. They have done wonders for my skin, my lips, and my overall confidence. I trust every one of them because each time I leave, I love my results and the way I feel. I absolutely recommend this place to anyone!

I can't say enough about this spa, it is truly unlike any other! The staff are so helpful and they spend so much time helping to explain every process to me and they have always answered every question that I have had. The spa itself is GORGEOUS. Every single corner has been so well thought out, it is beautifully decorated, and the atmosphere they have created is incredibly relaxing. And even more importantly, they're clearly adhering to the CDC recommendations during COVID, which is of utmost importance to me as a health care professional. I drive all the way from Mansfield to Brookline because of how awesome they are - it is well worth it!

Love this! I’ve gone elsewhere in the city and this is my favorite. Their customer service has been great when I need to reschedule and the treatments are fantastic. I also love the membership option which allows you to bank money to save for treatments like Botox or can be used for facials. Awesome place!

I am so very surprised and happy with the skincare team at Dream Spa! My skin is getting healthier and the expert advice I receive every visit is transformative and “doable.” Instructions are easy to follow and well worth the cost of membership. This is the gift that keeps on giving! Jess, Brianna, Zoe et. all big virtual hug to you!

Fantastic! The hydra facial made my skin absolutely glow! Excellent staff as well, very friendly and knowledgable. Highly recommend! A+

I had undereye treatment done. Pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it was. The staff was very professional and answered all of my questions. I saw results on the same day! I should have done this years ago! Highly recommend.

I've been receiving laser hair treatments here for a few months now and have been extremely pleased with the service and results. They came recommended to me by a friend, and I have since referred others their way!

Dream Spa offers a super wide range of services and have a flexible appointment schedule- I have never struggled to secure a 6pm appointment to avoid interference with my 9-5.

Highly recommend them for laser hair removal, facials, and any other services you might be seeming!

Very professional staff. She explained everything very well. She was great.

Very professional clean and I was very happy with results.

My skin feels amazing after having a hydrafacial and dermaplane with Brianna. A very professional and friendly place!

Jessica is phenomenal! Ever since I started seeing her, my skin gets better and better. Love love love love her

I've been receiving laser hair treatments here for a few months now and have been extremely pleased with the service and results. They came recommended to me by a friend, and I have since referred others their way! Dream Spa offers a super wide range of services and have a flexible appointment schedule - I have never struggled to secure a 6pm appointment to avoid interference with my 9-5. Highly recommend them for laser hair removal, facials, and any other services you might be seeming!

I love coming to Dream Spa Medical. The staff is friendly and knows exactly what I need. I never feel pressured into purchasing extra procedures. I've never looked better which makes me feel good on the inside and out.

Everyone is always is so great, friendly, patient, not rushed. Really super customer service.

Your staff is so friendly and the results from the procedures are great.

You guys are the best so nice and friendly.

Clean, quick, friendly and knowledgeable to the service provided.

I went to Disney for 10 days and didn't have to shave the whole time that I was there. If this was a year ago I would have had to shave 3 times and bring shaving cream, razors, and after shave.

I just felt very comfortable and relaxed while I got my service done. I felt my needs were completely met.

Great experience with Jess

The entire staff was professional and courteous! Exceptional service and I will definitely be back.

I love the new hair removal machine! No pain!

Exceptionally clean and top-notch service.

Friendly staff, clean environment.

Good service, Quality service, Professional, and clean Pleasant staff.

Great services. Very patient and understanding. Friendly. Great Staff.

Jessica is wonderful

I was so nervous, but everyone there made me feel comfortable and answered any question I had before my procedure.

They are very friendly and take care of me as honestly!

Very pleasant and informative. Will Be Back.

Your treatments are always explained in detail and all questions are answered. Your pleasant mannerisms and thoroughness are appreciated.

Great results, very friendly professional.

I'm always happy with my service there. The woman that did my lash lift did a wonderful job and she was funny, personable and kind.

I'm in my 5th year in Dream Spa Medical. Excellent staff and service.

Warm and friendly environment along with an amazing and knowledgeable staff. Always satisfied.

You do the best work!

They are great. I come from Florida to have her do my Botox. And I don't know the girl in front office name but she is courteous and very friendly and a Libra as well!

Great service particularly for a male to find a spa that will do Brazilian. Very much appreciated.

Very professional. Great atmosphere!

Great attention. My daughter and I are very happy with our technician, she is knowledgeable and very nice.


Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff.

Great experience.

My daughter had a good experience.

Answered all of questions and didn't make me feel pressured to do anything.

Results are great and they are so knowleadgeable, I felt very comfortable.

Great customer service and excellent treatments.

Always very friendly staff and listening to my needs.

The best service! People we're nice. Got to see someone right away. Was told about the special prices. And the rewards club. Just about everything to make me want to come back.

The staff is very Nice and helpful the place is so clean. I love the good vibes they have.

Jessica was so attentive while Despina was so welcoming.

I love the service. I look great. Lindsey is the best.

Great service.

Great staff very skilled.

I am one of those women of a certain age who was sure I would never get any kind of cosmetic procedure done. I was happy to age gracefully and took it as a point of pride. A number of life changes led me to reconsider so, on a whim, I booked a consultation at Dream Spa Medical. I just wanted information about fillers but wasn't planning to get anything done that day. As soon as I walked into the facility, I felt at ease. It was calm, low-key and friendly. All of the women who worked there looked great. Very, very natural without a trace of that fake, overdone Hollywood style that turns me off. She was terrific. She answered all my questions with calm expertise and was absolutely not hard-sell. I felt like I could just say "thanks" and leave if I wanted to without any pressure. But I did the opposite. I went out of my comfort zone and decided to go for it. She gave me one vial of Juvederm XC in some problem areas. It was somewhat uncomfortable but not too bad. Certainly tolerable.The results were miraculous. I can't emphasize enough how great I felt in the days after the treatment. There were a few very, very tiny bruises but they healed up quickly. My family and friends began to tell me how rested and glowing I looked. I hadn't told them about the treatment but their response said it all. More importantly, I felt great looking in the mirror. Yes, I still had appropriate aging areas because I wanted to - but I looked at least 5 years younger. The creeping feeling of age vanished and I felt rejuvenated. This sounds like I'm going over the top - but for me, this was a life-changing experience. I recently went for a little touch up in some areas that I thought could be enhanced and the experience was even better. She had me put a numbing cream on my face​ first before the injections and the procedure was a breeze. Minimal discomfort, no bruising and even more youthful appearance. All without looking fake in any way. So, Instead of being one of those people who "would never do that kind of thing to my face" I am now one of those​ people who will never NOT do this to my face." It's simple, effective, revivifying and I'm grateful that there is something that can help me keep my face looking "fit". I make sure to keep my body in shape so why not my face? Thank you, Dream Spa Medical. You are really performing a beautiful service.

Lily Z

I went here to get my first Botox: I'm 36 years old. It's super scary getting Botox because of the fear you'll be in bad hands or that you'll end up with Spock eyebrows. But I'm thrilled with my results! And I'll definitely be going back. She did an awesome job explaining my options to me for my major concerns on my face. I ultimately decided just to do my forehead as this was my first experience. But she wrote me a list of options for other areas I would want to troubleshoot in the future. The process was quick and painless and the whole staff was friendly and welcoming. I also like that they do a Botox bank deal. It's expensive, but it the long run it saves you a few hundred dollars, so it's worth it if you plan on continuing treatment. After my Botox, my results had me a little worried. One big wrinkle still stuck out, and I had big indents above my eyebrows, and one eyebrow moved and the other didn't. Luckily, they schedule follow up visits. When she saw me, I didn't even need to say what was wrong: she immediately knew and then said I needed just a few more injections in a couple places to fix it and she did them right away. A couple days after that, and it looks perfect! No lines, no indents above the brow and my brow is even. So they really do know what they are doing. (I should say that the first result wasn't a matter of bad Botox injections, but that she purposely went higher with my injections to be sure that I didn't get DROOPY brows, and that my brows were uneven to begin with. So after I came back, she knew she could go a little lower. They also try to be conservative with their estimate of how much you need, because they can always do more if you need it, but they can't reverse if they've done too much--you'd just have to wait it out).Looking at my before and after photos is pretty amazing. I feel like I look ten years younger but no one can tell I got Botox. I'm planning on going back very soon and trying a facial there! I also was very pleased with the front desk staff. I had to delay my follow-up appointment because my cat recently had major surgery and had to go to a cardiologist and the time conflicted. When I went in for my appointment, the woman at the front desk remembered me (I'd only been there once!) and said, "how's your cat doing?" I thought that her memory was impressive, but it was also very kind to ask that. So overall, I'm loving this place and I can't wait to go back.

Anne C

Had laser facial for the first time. Even being in the plastic surgery industry, I have my full trust and confidence in their suggestions and techniques. If I weren't out of state, I'd go to her as regularly as possible.

Elizabeth H

Dream Spa Medical have helped me to get my skin 'wedding ready' for my upcoming wedding. The hydrafacial is so relaxing & leaves your skin clean, glowing & refreshed. I would highly recommend to all brides.

Aine H

The team at DreamSpa Medical (Brookline and Canton) is a group of professionals who really care about your skin and it shows in their work ethic! The quality of the service and their product line is fantastic and continues to grow as new technologies develop. The treatments are wonderful and I love seeing the immediate results and the long term impact. I am an advocate of the HydraFacial and look forward to trying other treatments as well in time. If you're looking for some help in keeping your skin healthy, or are trying to make improvements, the DreamSpa team will work with you on what your best treatment routine would look like. There is no over selling and instead a honest perspective on what would work best for you as an individual. I love the team and appreciate their integrity and forward thinking approach.

Alysia M

Dream Spa Medical Brookline is the third tattoo removal I have visited, and the best by far! Their staff is highly trained, welcoming and knowledgeable in everything they do, and they also use the most modern and efficient equipment on their patients. I highly suggest them to anyone who reads this review!

Matthew V

Super impressed about her knowledge & insight about melasma that has been plaguing me for years. Professional, smart and a wonderful caring person that is passionate about what she does, and is sincere about helping clients feel & look their best! Did the VI peel today so I will have to wait & see results but feel like she put me on a path to tackling this skin obstacle. It's taken me two years of researching to finally find a place and a person that made me feel hope that I could fix something that making me insecure & sad. Will definately being going back!!!!

Joanna K

Extremely friendly and attentive. Informative and efficient. I am ALWAYS happy after treatments at DreamSpa medical.

Karen S

Amazing staff. Gorgeous facility. Extremely knowledgable. Love that you don't have a "one regimen fits all" mentality. Very reasonable pricing. Will be back again. I felt AMAZING when I left.

Vanessa H

They are the best. Lori is the only person I trust with my face and she is amazzzzzing! Truly I adore the DreamSpa and I only hesitate to write his review because I don't want them to get too busy!!

Kate A

Very happy with the services that I received!! The technician was very gentle and I will be going back again!!!

Leah D

Purchased a groupon and was pleasantly surprised this gem is nestled in Brookline. I was wondering why there were no reviews, but then come to find out they just recently opened at the end of July. My experience prompted me to write their first! The ambiance was instantly relaxing. The staff were friendly and were informative about all things considering my skin care- even how I can tweak my current at home regimen. Very client centered. I purchased the 4-layer facial which features a gentle enzymatic exfoliant that had my skin glowing. I'll definitely be booking another appointment very soon. They also offer Botox, fillers, waxing, slimming body wraps, and laser all competitively priced. Check out their pampering menu of goodies! I can't wait to go back!!

Zosha G

Went for a facial on a friend's recommendation. Amazing from start to finish. The front desk is very polite, professional and friendly. My facial experience was truly exceptional. First of all, she took a long time talking to me about my skin, needs, things to avoid, types of care. Not a single time during this consultation did she push any product on me. She then suggested a type of facial and asked me my time availability. She really took the time. My facial lasted 1.5 hrs not including the 30 min consultation. My face felt hugely rejuvenated, not overly 'worked on' and was glowing. She then discounted my treatment because they were running a Groupon deal, even though I didn't know about it. Overall, professional, affordable, pleasant and in a great location. Highly recommend!

Maria L

My skin is glowing! I have been getting facials for the past 6 months and people are complimenting me often on how refreshed I look. These are real pros when it comes to skin care. The staff is knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. She listened to my concerns then explained the appropriate treatment options for me and she answered all 100 of my questions. I am a big fan of their Oxygen Facial, which leaves my skin instantly healthier and radiant following the treatment. The spa is clean, relaxing and very welcoming. I have referred a few friends to the spa and they are all very happy I did. I would recommend you make an appointment as soon as possible before the secret is out!

BSkye A

My provider from Dream Spa Medical was amazing. Skincare products and makeup terrify me, but at 41, my drugstore products weren't working anymore, and as I started a new career, I wanted a makeup routine that made me look more polished. She was incredibly knowledgeable about skin types, skin coloring, and aging, and she was able to give me baby steps into makeup and skincare so I never felt intimidated. She knew about all the products, told me what to spend my money on and what not to, and came up with a makeup routine that I could do in under five minutes. I'm THRILLED. She is truly about what's best for her clients.

Shelley B

Wow, what a wonderful experience. I have been struggling with back acne since I was about 13 years old (now 20) and have tried almost everything besides Accutane. I was given a treatment with an acne fighting machine that took about 30 minutes all together, it was quick and painless. My skin immediately felt and looked better, and within a few days my acne is 75% clear and very manageable. I'm sure with a few more treatments it will be cleared up.

If you have been struggling with this condition, I highly recommend doing the free consultation. The aesthetician was very thoughtful and kind, and made me feel at ease.

Joshua M

My search to start 2017 with a clean face started off at Dream Spa. I was looking for a provider of the HydraFacial patented procedure and lucky for me it was in my backyard. I booked the day before and was lucky enough to have a opening the next day. She gave me step by step commentary on what she was doing with the HydraFacial steps and sucked out all my blemishes. My skin feels rejuvenated and there was no down time! Will be back again as the seasons change!

Vi P

I recently went in to discuss my skin discoloration from tanning as a teenager and my fine lines that have started to appear. They were able to create a skin care regimen for me with my concerns and sensitivities in mind. We also just completed my first laser treatment which went very well! I can't wait to go in for my PRP treatment to help restore my skin's youthfulness and reduce signs of aging... my ultimate goal in my skin care routine! I love going in for treatments and customizing my treatments with DreamSpa!

Carlie K

I had always been nervous about getting botox but went to see Kristin two weeks ago. My colleague had raved about her so I booked an appointment and am so happy that I did! Kristin was extremely professional and listened to all of my concerns before sharing her recommended treatment plan. She perfectly delivered the natural, refreshed look I wanted and I definitely will be back. Thank you Kristin!

Ruta K

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