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A Patient Review about Dream Spa Medical

July 28, 2017

“Dream Spa Medical has done a great job with several procedures including fillers for my lips, marionette and smile lines. I have also had a 3 series of microneedling treatments which took 5 years off my face. I also did hydraglow facials and for the first time I have seen noticeable reduction of pores and black heads around my nose. To top it off I get ongoing botox around the eyes, frow lines, and forehead and the procedure is very fast and mostly pain free. You would think by all this I would like a fake, plastic Hollywood doll but I assure you I look quite normal and they do a good job. In fact I get many compliments on how young I look, I’m almost 33 and get carded and asked what college I go to often. I consider all this preventetive aging and it’s working in a big way. I’m happy this place has helped me reach many of my facial aesthetic goals. To top it off, the place is clean, pretty and provides nice refreshments. I never have to wait too long to be seen and they are on top of everything scheduling wise. Kudos guys…” – Jen W.