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Aging Like a Pro – Boston, Canton, MA

June 19, 2015

Dream Spa Medical recently hosted an “Anti-Aging Skin Event” at the Brookline location. The day was a huge success and we appreciate all of our supporters. In addition to the Dream Team, led by Dr. Russo, we had a lot of help from our extended family – Hydrafacial, Intraceuticals, Ulthera, Image Skincare, and SkinCeuticals.

If this wasn’t enough to address all your skincare needs, we also offered in-depth consultations, makeup applications, demonstrations, and education. This is where the Dream Team thrives and it is exactly what sets us apart from other spas. We value a healthy exchange of information: you tell us your concerns (because we actually listen) and we give you a variety of options until we find an approach and a price point that suits you (because we actually care).

Our business involves selling, but we are not sales people. Our industry promotes anti-aging, but we are not against this natural process. Beyond the wisdom that comes with age, we can see the value of a smile line and appreciate the charm of a few freckles. We don’t want to change you; we want to help you achieve a balanced, beautiful, natural look because everyone deserves to age gracefully and feel good about themselves.

Positive talk like this might lead some to believe that we were actually PRO-aging. Getting older is inevitable, but looking older is optional. Come visit us at Dream Spa Medical and do it like a PRO.