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Laser Facial Rejuvenation Helps You Look Good and Feel Good

October 8, 2020

There are various reasons why skin becomes less youthful looking over time. As you get older, your skin naturally becomes less elastic and more fragile. Too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, or sunlight, through the years can speed up this process as well. During the natural aging process, as your skin loses that elasticity, lines and wrinkles develop caused by everyday expressions such as smiles, frown, and squinting. To help combat time, Laser Facial Rejuvenation can reduce dullness and pigmentation, instantly making your skin look better, younger, brighter, and healthier. The Laser Genesis procedure has been scientifically proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by producing new collagen.

Laser skin rejuvenation is performed by a clinical provider utilizing non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively treat fine-line wrinkles, and diffuse excessive redness and scars. Generally, the treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes when treating wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, or forehead individually, and can take up to two hours for a full-face treatment. You can expect to see subtle and consistent results after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation. Treatments are performed in a relaxed, comfortable manner without the use of topical anesthetics or gel. The new skin cells that form during the healing process once the treatment is complete cause the skin to look more elastic, fresher, and younger-looking.

This treatment has become more and more popular replacing more invasive procedures because of its quick and noticeable results. Fine lines and wrinkles can disappear with laser facial rejuvenation. For more information on regaining youth and beauty, contact Dream Spa Medical.