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Mirror Mirror

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mirrors are certainly not a new discovery and neither is our obsession with our appearance. The mirror, however, is not always truthful. What we perceive when we observe ourselves in a mirror says a lot about where we are in our lives. Biologically, it makes sense to want to look your best. We see this play out all throughout nature. All you have to do is watch the captivating, days-long, mating displays of seahorses or the plethora of other creatures that have evolved in their beauty over the centuries in order to secure a mate. Humans, however, have an additional layer to consider. We have these very annoying over-thinking brains of ours! On the one hand, human beings are clearly a brilliant species. On the other hand, boy can we make a simple thing into a hugely insurmountable problem!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you are able to strip away all of the feeling from a lifetime of outside influences, what do you really see? I do not need to know you to feel certain that you are beautiful. We are all uniquely beautiful and, the moment you truly embody that, the mirror will no longer stand in judgment of you. It will be a place for reflection (inward and outward). It will be a place where you can be still with yourself and know that the only validation you need is from you. Once that happens, the entire world will see your beauty as well!

At Dream Spa Medical, we are often asked for advice or guidance on treatments. My response is always to put the question back on you. What do YOU want to do? How do YOU want to feel? That should be the driving force behind your beauty regimen. For example, I spent many hours sun-bathing and I surfed for years and, of course, having been in my 20’s, I did not wear sunblock. I had some freckles and sun spots on my face that I covered with foundation. For some people, that’s a non-issue but, for me, I wanted to “erase” my bad choice of having not worn sunblock at high noon in Mexico! Last year, I did a chemical peel (Vi Peel) which worked wonders on my pigment and I’ve received regular Hydrafacials with the occasional Laser Genesis treatment as well. I now only wear tinted sunscreen instead of foundation so, for me, that was what I wanted and it has helped me feel more confident as a result!

If you have something that drives you crazy, there is absolutely no reason to not address it. The only question you need to ask yourself is...”Is this what I want?”. If the answer is “Yes!” then go for it! If you have an issue with your skin or body, we almost certainly, have a treatment to tackle it. Not to mention that we have the best state-of-the-art lasers, equipment and amazingly skilled practitioners! We love helping women feel confident and beautiful and to watch our clients’ self-esteem grow before my eyes is one of my greatest joys working at Dream Spa Medical!

Wishing you a week of true self reflection!


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