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Laser Hair Removal

Safe & Effective Laser Hair Removal Performed By Medical Professionals.

How much money do you waste on razors, shaving cream, and water combined?

We spend an estimated $17,000 in a lifetime on shaving! Not to mention the amount of water wasted in addition to your valuable time. Laser hair removal provides a fast, easy solution for permanent hair reduction, allowing you to look and feel your best at all times, without the hassle. No more razor bumps or razor burn – Laser Hair Removal is a treatment for men and women.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The GentleMax Pro uses laser technology to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy into targeted areas of the skin, delivering a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to the targeted area safely and effectively.

GentleMax Pro laser uses the most advanced cooling technology on the market to ensure that you have the most comfortable laser hair removal experience possible.

Can it treat all skin types?

The Gentle MaxPro Laser can efficiently and effectively treat all skin types. For permanent results 6 treatments are required, however individual results may vary depending on several factors including: hair type, hormone levels, medications, etc. Areas we treat include underarms, bikini, back, shoulders, arms, legs and face.

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Some patients may feel a slight discomfort during treatment, sometimes described like the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. The discomfort resolves almost immediately and is minimized by the Dynamic Cooling Device in the Gentle MaxPro Laser.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Hair removal patients should avoid plucking, electrolysis or waxing for six weeks prior to treatment. Skin should be clean-shaven and thoroughly cleansed, removing any makeup, creams, oils, or self-tanning products before laser treatment. Intended treatment areas should not be exposed to the sun nor should patients have a visible tan at time of treatment. Patients should not expose treated areas to the sun immediately post treatment.

What can I expect after treatment?

There is no downtime after Laser Hair Removal. A cool compress or gel pack may be applied for comfort following your treatment. Any redness or light swelling should resolve within a few hours. Appointments are booked 6 weeks apart.

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